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As with any organization, there are more tasks to accomplish than there are people to accomplish the tasks. If you have a skill or passion about helping our cause but have no background in aviation, that is okay! We need people who can help with marketing, graphic design, advocacy representation, fundraising, accounting, web service, etc. If you feel like you have something that could benefit our cause, please feel free to fill out a volunteer application using the link below.


Wings of the Way (WOW) is looking for volunteer pilots. WOW seeks pilots with an impeccable safety record that operate at the highest levels of professionalism. Pilots are required to pass a checkout flight with the chief pilot in addition to an extensive application and background check process. Given the nature of our flying we are looking for pilots who have a Commercial Pilot Certificate and at least 500 hours of total flight time. Wings of the Way could also benefit from individuals with an A&P/IA who would like to volunteer their time. If you have questions please contact us or express interest in volunteering by filling out the volunteer application using the link below.

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