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Turning Passion Into Service

The Wings of the Way (WOW) team is committed to taking our skills and passion in aviation logistics and social work to further develop our cause. There are two major program focuses that drive our day to day operations. As a faith-based non-profit, our first priorities involve the supporting missionary work through aviation. This involves supporting flights for church missionaries, missionary doctors, and dentists. To read more about how we accomplish this, you can visit our ministry partner, UIM Aviation's website.


Our second priority and unique niche is supporting the relocation of survivors of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a global problem that affects tens of thousands of people in the United States each year. It continues to plague every major city in the U.S. There are many organizations working in prevention, awareness, and in long term restoration, however, WOW is one of the only organizations that specializes in relocation via aviation transportation.


Transportation is a key element in the emergency relocation process. There are many instances when a survivor escapes or is rescued from a life of pain and abuse, but the window available to safely relocate a survivor is very small.  WOW provides aviation relocation services to ensure the survivor is transported to a safe house as fast as possible. In this way, WOW provides a unique service that eliminates many of the obstacles that prevent a survivor from being freed from their situation. We coordinate relocations with the safety of the survivor in mind so it is fast, easy, and low stress.

Wings of the Way also engages in awareness and advocacy to help the community understand more about trafficking. In addition to awareness and advocacy, WOW also engages in providing personnel and support to our partnering organizations. This support includes administration, aircraft maintenance, pilot or development services. 

Wings of the Way's purpose is to come alongside hurting and broken people to proclaim the hope of Jesus through acts of service, support and love.  

Susan Munsey- Program Director, Generate Hope

"Wings of the Way came to Generate Hope at just the right time. We had a woman who desperately needed their services. Her trafficker had located her in her previous recovery program, so we needed to get her to Generate Hope to continue her recovery, but in the best way possible to leave a “cold trail.” What better way than a private plane? I contacted Wings of the Way & they immediately began the process of securing transportation for her on a WOW flight with a female companion. Everything went beautifully, according to plan & meeting our survivor's needs to a tee. We are so pleased to have this wonderful service available to the women who come to Generate Hope for care after sex trafficking. God has really blessed us with the care of Wings of the Way! Thank you so much for your support & hearts for these women as they begin their new lives free from the trauma of the sex trade!"

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