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To read about our work, please see this article published in the Gallup Independent Newspaper. This article was originally published in the Gallup Independent on April 25, 2020, and it is being reprinted with permission.


After 7 weeks, the Wings of the Way team wrapped up operations at the Gallup, NM site and moved back to Tucson. The next steps have been handed off to the NNCRT, and Samaritan's Purse. In total, Wings of the Way helped facilitate the movement of approximately 85,000 pounds of goods all across the Navajo Nation. This includes essentials like bleach, face masks, non-perishable and perishable foods, bibles, and other encouraging literature to read during the time of quarantine. This includes the over 2500 care packages that WOW helped to distribute while serving with the NNCRT. We want to thank our partners and donors who gave their time and resources, including the fabrication and donation of over 1000 masks. We could not have done it without you. Thank you! Partners who helped make this a possibility: UIMA, NNCRT, Wings of Faith, World Vision, Samaritan's Purse, FarmLink Project, Tim Tebow Foundation, and Whittier Area Community Church.  


Samaritan's Purse was invited to meet to discuss next steps for the work on the Navajo Nation. Pastors who received distributed goods were a part of the meetings to strategize and prioritize goals for helping people recover from the loss of loved ones and normal way of life. Samaritan's Purse shared they will start to help with the distribution of goods, staffing of medical hospitals, and providing materials and training to help the community with grief.


50 care boxes, potatoes and water were delivered to a church one hour north of Gallup. 


Tim Tebow was flown by two UIMA pilots to the distribution site in Gallup, NM. Over 500 care packages were distributed at the site in Gallup. 6 large pallets of fresh fruits and vegetables and approximately 2500 pounds of potatoes were delivered alongside of the Navajo Nation President at two sites north of Gallup.


Delivered 100 care packages, water and potatoes to 4 different communities on the Navajo and Zuni Nations. 


Delivered 2500 pounds of potatoes to our western distribution site at Gray Mountain. Delivered 60 care packages, potatoes, water and bleach to 2 communities on the Navajo Nation.


Delivered 100 care packages along with potatoes, water and bleach to 2 communities on the eastern limits of the Navajo Nation. 


Delivered 75 care packages along with potatoes, water and bleach to 3 different churches to be distributed to the community.


23 deliveries made to the widows by van on the Navajo Reservation. UIM Aviation delivered goods and supplies purchased on 5/18 to the Gallup distribution site. 


75 care packages delivered to churches by van. UIM Aviation purchased goods and supplies from donations.


Loaded van for deliveries for when the shutdown orders are lifted on 5/18.


UIM Aviation delivered the load of goods and supplies purchased on 5/12 to the Gallup distribution center. Delivered 75 care packages to churches by van. As of 5/15, over 1300 care packages have been made and delivered since the project started. Donated goods such as non-perishable food, oatmeal, and produce was dropped off at our Gallup distribution site. President shut down the Navajo Nation to essential workers with the intention of lifting the orders on 5/18. 


Delivered 75 care packages for three churches. 


Sorted, boxed, and loaded care packages in the Gallup distribution site. Received a box of donated masks from Whittier Area Community Church (WACC) and divided them into care packages. Thank you, WACC! 


Delivered 100 care packages of non-perishable food, masks, Bible literature, water, potatoes, and bleach to 4 churches on the Navajo Nation. UIM Aviation bought more supplies from donations. Received a box of 60+ masks from a woman who donated her time and skills. Thank you, Joanne!


Responded to the Navajo Nation President's call for aid. Another load was delivered to the Gallup location. Supplies and goods also delivered to a church north of Gallup.


Delivered supplies to three churches today in eastern New Mexico. Picked up some donated supplies from Wings of Faith. Many thanks to their generosity!


UIM Aviation purchased more supplies from donations and delivered them to the distribution site near Gray Mountain, AZ.



Delivered a load of 20 care packages with food, oranges, potatoes, and cleaning supplies to a church in Page, Arizona by plane.


Two trailers of donated oranges were delivered to the Rehoboth site for distribution.


Over 4,000 pounds of food, hygiene products, and cleaning products was delivered to 5 different sites across the Navajo Nation today. 


A van load of supplies was driven to a church Navajo, AZ, as well as Pinetop, AZ for use on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. More supplies were then transported from Wings of Faith's warehouse in Holbrook, AZ back to the Gallup distribution site.


A truckload of more supplies was delivered to the Gray Mountain distribution site. A van load of supplies was driven to the rural community of Pueblo Pintado to distribute alongside the Navajo Nation President.


UIM Aviation bought more supplies from donations.

Flew a load of cleaning supplies to Flagstaff, AZ to be sent to the Gray Mountain distribution site.


UIM Aviation collected supplies from Hope Community Church in Tucson to be sent to the Gray Mountain distribution site on 4/29/2020.



35,000 pounds of bleach is delivered by semi truck to distribution site, thanks to Wings of Faith and World Emergency Relief. Bleach is unloaded and sanitized, divided up and sent to different distribution sites. 700 pounds of bleach and other cleaning supplies are flown to Flagstaff, AZ, and driven to the Gray Mountain distribution site by UIM Aviation. More bleach is delivered by vehicle to an orphanage and CMI (Cornerstone Ministries International) to be distributed. With the help of UIM Aviation, $2,500 worth of food and goods are purchased from the donated funds and delivered to the Gray Mountain distribution site. The rest of the bleach and supplies are being distributed with the help of the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team (NNCRT).


Donated cardboard boxes are collected for future care packages.


Groceries are bought and delivered by ground to a house of eleven or so children who have the Coronavirus. 


Supplies are delivered to Flagstaff, AZ by plane to be driven to the distribution center in Gray Mountain.


Half of the goods collected in Tucson, AZ are delivered to the elderly and single moms on the Navajo reservation. A husband and wife team deliver paper goods from local churches in and around Albuquerque. Thank you!


1,000 pounds of concentrated cleaner is donated from Wings of Faith. Thank you for your contribution! Distribution and decontamination center is designated at Rehoboth Christian School in Gallup, NM.


Additional airstrips are checked for safety standards.


Aircraft is dispatched with goods to Gallup, NM. Goods are dropped off in Flagstaff, AZ on their way over. Airstrips are checked for safety in preparation to land on them at a later date.



Nearly 2,000 pounds of donated goods are collected! Thank you to all who gave!


Three locations throughout Tucson collect supplies for flights to Navajo Nation.


Logistics meetings take place concerning flying supplies to the Navajo Nation.


UIMA Maintenance staff works hard to prep their Cessna 206 to use for the relief project.


Wings of the Way is called upon to help provide relief on the Navajo Nation in partnership with UIM Aviation and the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team (NNCRT).

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