Wings of the Way

About the Organization

Wings of the Way (WOW) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2013.  Their work supports communities, churches, ministries and partnering organizations with aviation transportation.  WOW partners with "safe houses" that help provide restorative care for victims of human trafficking. These partnerships allow Wings of the Way to provide the transportation needed to aid in the safe and efficient relocation of each victim.  Wings of the Way also works with existing church ministries, missionaries, pastors, and other organizations to provide transportation into isolated communities.  Our current work involves supporting mission efforts in Northern Mexico as well as developing aviation ministry in the "Four Corners" region within the United States. Watch the video below to learn more.

How a Relocation Works

Wings of the Way receives a call or email from a safe house concerning the whereabouts, security concerns, and final destination of a victim/surivor. We then coordinate with several of our approved volunteers to find an approved aircraft and pilot who is available to make the flight. The goal is to have the victim moved to their final destination safely within 48 hours. If WOW cannot provide a flight with the network of approved volunteers, other transportation options are explored. WOW will then provide funding for those options under the direct supervision and approval of the safe house and the victim/survivor.

About the Missionary Couple 

Justin and Callene Ross have been serving in ministry since 2009.  They both relocated to Spokane, WA  in 2010 to attend Moody Bible Institute.  Callene attended classes to prepare her for ministering to women while Justin focused on aviation maintenance and flight training.  After graduating from Moody Aviation in 2014, they got married and continued to develop the Wings of the Way ministry by speaking and educating the public on human trafficking within the U.S.  Shortly after, they began a partnership with UIM Aviation, a Tucson-based aviation ministry to help develop new ministry within the United States. They continue to work together to further develop aviation ministries in the United States. 


©2017, Wings of the Way

©2017, Wings of the Way